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Found an artist with clever work and hilarious posts: Ryan Barone. Here are a couple examples: found this at and the following on Barone’s tumblr, which is fun to explore. UNTITLED ACTION (MISINTERPRETING BIGGIE), 2010 Put five carrots in your baby girl’s ear.

will merge its way into some work, eventually. the inspiration for my scatterbrain: Mark Lombardi. His diagram drawings are incredibly beautiful, at the same time being factual enough to get the attention of the FBI. Here’s one of the few examples I could find as of yet. Of course, the image size is not nearly […]

First, here are two pieces I love for Zak Smith’s use of various patterns and heavy emphasis on line: Here is a link to see one of Zak Smith’s projects ‘One Hundred Girls & One Hundred Octopuses.’ 100 images together <–this also will guide you to his gallery, where I got the examples.

i like it too,


Check out this video of a clever graffiti tool, just rollllll it on der: Looptaggr by Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl 2010 (wish I could post the video directly..,)

unknown origin


there was sweet confusion there were tender words