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Artaksiniya is a Russian-born artist/illustrator based in China. The following images are from her blog, and they are from a series of drawn figures with an emphasis on fashion and other material elements, as the color in these areas indicates. Formally, I like how she applies color to the gray-scale drawings; conceptually this seems to […]



I have posted several examples of unconventional materials used to create works before, but this is my first example involving clothing. Margarita Mileva is a Bulgarian architect who has made good looking clothing out of rubberbands, in addition to the whole architecture thing. found first image here.    

bear suit


More people,love people. Denise Nestor creates portraits of people with a sense of familiarity and lightness and also bunny symbols. and a bear suit. found here then also at trendland.

I love the way Anthony Cudahy portrays people in his work, realistically rendered yet not hiding the presence of his hand.  Some of his works are derivative of novels, like Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being, one of my favorite books. The following images are from a project titled ‘i understand nothing.’ From an […]