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Found an artist, Ran Hwang, who uses buttons and pins as a primary medium for his installations. Here are some examples I found at Lookinart. The closeup image gives an idea of how beautiful it must be in real life.

masking tape


A great idea to use masking tape as a medium for street art. Here are a couple photos I found from a Paste Magazine article. Oddly enough, the images are of giant hands..i love drawing hands. These are more simplified versions, which works great in these settings.

was here


With this .gif image, Gareth Long makes the frustration with the creative process seem funny and honest. Coincidentally, my discovery of this image is the day after I’ve overcome one of those annoying periods of ‘not being able to decide what on earth to do.’ weeee. found on pietmondriaan in this entry. (in fact,may need […]