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colors & chairs


Paintings by Barcelona-based artist, Christian Blanxer. I love the color plays going on in each piece, &also how the subject matter covers a broad range from series to series. Found example of Blanxer’s work here.

beautiful steps


The following images are of installations designed by Lang & Baumann. The first, a 2009 project that was located in Warsaw, Poland, is made of aluminium soccer goals, wood, styrofoam, and sand. I like the subtlety of the unconventional placement of the soccer goals; they seem to belong on the water. I found Comfort #4 […]

Contemporary figurative art by Mark Demsteader. A rich example of life drawing, these works are created using pastel and collage. found via supersonic electronic.

loose thoughts


Eli Horn‘s paintings include beautifully rendered figures with elements of surreal. In addition to the imaginative imagery, the titles encourage contemplation too. found at hi fructose.    

Reuben Negron has beautiful drawings and paintings of figures. I like how his depictions of people invite the viewer to consider their own human relationships. Also, the scenes of his paintings are detailed in such a way that allows for a narrative. The first two images are selections from his sketchbook, and the following are […]



Here are some works by the Brazilian artist Joao Ruas. The first, Miles to Merricks, is an illustration based on the novel by Barnaby Ward. The others are from the series ‘Lined in Lead.’ I like both the imaginative quality of his work as well as the direct references to literature. found on his blog.

Margarida GirĂ£o is a Portuguese artist with some great collage &mixed media works. found here, here are some examples:



Ian Francis has a solo exhibition going on right now in New York. His work consists of mixed media paintings on canvas, and the variety of materials is intriguing. Acrylic, oil, graphite, charcoal, ink..often on the same canvas &with clever application. found here.



The following image is of Ivan Kramskoy‘s Contemplation, which Dostoevsky talks of in relation to the character Smerdyakov from the Brother’s Karamazov: “He stands as if lost in thought, but he is not thinking, he is ‘contemplating’ something.” Am posting because I am thinking of how certain modes of thinking can be communicated in drawing […]