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BBC’s latest headlines included an article today about an Ivory Coast painter who was locked in his workshop during the recent ten-day battle in Abidjan. The artist, Aboudia, painted 30 large canvases while the battle was happening to document what he saw. I was moved by Aboudia’s compulsion to paint during the dangerous circumstances, as […]

Ray Morimura is an excellent inspiration for woodcut and lino-cut prints.  I love how the various designs created by tedious lines and selective colors work together to create a coherent image.  To give an idea of scale; the images generally fit on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.   via.

Abigail Reynolds cuts and folds vintage bookplates to create her series of images, Universal Now. I enjoy the visual play of the geometric sections of color mixed with the 3-d elements of the folds.

Stephen Irwin was a Louisville, Kentucky artist who made beautiful works by altering vintage pornography. His process included rubbing away at the image with steel wool, making an originally direct, erotic image into something ‘far more ephemeral and imaginative’. These images are from the exhibit, Sometimes When We Touch, that was at the Invisible Exports […]

Vanessa Alarie created this beautiful paper installation, Euphoria v2, for an exhibition in Montreal, Canada. I was immediately drawn to the way these intricate forms create a play of light, shadows, and positive v. negative space. Measures 183 x 488 x 366 cm.  via.

fruit seller


Last summer, Chilean artist Don Lucho built the following fruit and vegetables stand out of cardboard and set it up at a Santiago de Chile street fair. Among the vendor stands of real fruit and vegetables, his cardboard fruit and veggies were also available for purchase. The reactions of people varied from amusement and curiosity […]

Beijing-based artist Wang Zhiyuan created this piece with discarded plastic containers he collected from Beijing’s dump and around his city. The result: an 11-metre-high tornado of plastic, organized according to size and color.  via.  

Here is a guerrilla art project on a billboard in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Translation: there are no words. Had no idea a commercial avenue could be made so beautiful with text. Then again, the cut paper is a kind of absence of physical text at the same time. via.

Liisa Kruusmägi is a young Estonian artist who draws mostly color..more recently over photographic images. I like her use of line and incorporation of photographic media in the 2nd and 4th image. found here.

Madrid Street Advertising Takeover is a collaborative project “intent on changing our expectations of public behavior in our shared environments.” The project consisted of installing signs with non-commercial text to promote public dialogue. Because the installations were textual, individuals of non-art backgrounds were invited to submit proposals for the signs. The second project with this […]