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Here’s a street art sample from Prague to start the week. The ghostly absence of detail within the figure-outline caught my eye. Even though the original paper was clearly removed, something is beautiful about the empty space that stayed. What’s left is an intriguing instance of an artwork taking on a new form (perhaps meaning, […]

Ella Amitay Sadovsky incorporates acrylic, oil, and upholstery fabric in these paintings, providing much to take in at once without confusing the viewer. The overlay of busy patterns on interior scenes, not to mention the inclusion of figurative action are focal points on their own that also work extremely well cohesively. Value shifts in the […]

pretend payment


Here’s a wheat pasted poster I found wandering around London. Located on the end of a tunnel near a street lamp, the poster simply confronts the viewer with reservations about street art, which alludes to its right to exist. Nothing fancy, but I was happy to have come across it.

Currently on display at the Tate Modern is Taryn Simon‘s exhibition, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII. Consisting solely of photographs and text descriptions, the exhibition documents 18 family generational histories – each with an intriguing family circumstance. For example, one chapter depicts the family of the body double for Saddam Hussein’s […]

golden roach


Golden Roach is an ongoing guerrilla art movement initiated by Hungarian artist Kissmiklos. The artist sneaks bronze cockroaches into museums and arranges them as part of the current exhibition. Museums that have had these guerrilla installations include the Tate Britain, Tate Modern, and British Museum, among others. Comparing himself to a cockroach in the “sanctuary […]

men only


If you happen to find yourself in London before July 29, you should know that the Victoria Miro Gallery is showing an Alice Neel exhibition, Men Only. The exhibition consists of eleven painted portraits of men, including two of the artist’s sons. Alice Neel is an important figure in Twentieth Century art history, both as […]

Ky Ngo is a Dallas-based photographer. While her work ranges from the commercial to the artistic, she is consistent in her rich use of color and obvious tendency towards design. Such effects work well with her imaginative subject matter. I admire the following photographs especially, as they illustrate her impeccable control over the resulting image. […]