labrinthine and other


American artist and architect Lebbeus Woods made the following drawings. I was initially carried away by his extremely detailed use of line and multiple geometric forms, then I researched a bit of what they are about. This article discusses how the bottom images are part of his response to the Bosnian War of 1992-93. It explains how the drawing depicts a wall/labyrinthine intended to surround Bosnia, with the potential for a new community to form within the structure. (Vague, but the link provides a more detailed description.) His drawings suggest that architecture can provide a transition for societal change. Not knowing what some of these are about, his process reminds me that I can draw things that don’t exist yet. via.

One Response to “labrinthine and other”

  1. 1 tm

    wow! these are all so detailed and intricate…. so many different ways to approach them

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