for a cup of tea


I was researching Boris Kustodiev and came across the ceramic teapots of Noi Volkov, so Boris is on hold for now. Like Fischer in my last post based his work on significant pieces of art history, Volkov appeals to his artist predecessors for subjects of his work. Granted, these pieces are rather kitschy in so far as they take most popular reference points for each artist-tribute so that a non-art enthusiast can easily recognize the source..but teapots can be kitschy, no? Have you noticed that sometimes the decorative aspect of a teapot surpasses its function? So whatever, his work may not be all that serious, but that’s okay. There’s a light-hearted quality about these objects communicated by the somewhat silly content. For all I know this series is actually a commentary on how some artworks get so popular that a main motivation for viewing is often simply because of the work’s notoriety. At the very least, there’s a lot to admire about Volkov’s style and ability. The quirkiness of the subjects is attractive and seemingly indicative that one should approach the work without being too serious…not sure if I just contradicted myself here by writing this paragraph. Anyway, hope you get a kick out of these!


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