trapped on this island


Water has not been rendered quite as clear to me than in these paintings of Swedish artist Linnea Strid. She paints individuals (often self-portraits) submerged in water or covered with water. For such a difficult thing to paint on a technical aspect – it’s painting a transparent thing with very-solid-oils after all – she executes it all so realistically and with immense attention to detail. To think of how long she must have spent looking at drops of water.. I’m not even going to say how “inspiring” it all is because I know that’s unprofessional and corny, but, you get it. via. images from Linnea’s website. Trapped on this island’ is the title of the black and white painting below.


2 Responses to “trapped on this island”

  1. This stuff is so hard to render in drawing and painting. And while there’s still something that doesn’t look quite realistic (when compared to a photograph or intently studying experience), I think adds a certain mystic quality to all of these works.

    • 2 Monica

      Good point. They do look like paintings in the end – and at first. I agree that this adds a mystic quality. In fact, the fact that they fall short of utter realism makes them that much more attractive. I wonder if this kind of mystic quality is not unique to these works necessarily, but if it extends to other well executed paintings? Perhaps any work that shows skill and attempt to render truthfully what is not made of paint..and yet, at the same time, is blatant about its actuality as a painting and not-what-is-being-depicted. I can site very few examples of paintings that share the realism of a photograph. Is it that paintings like these approach this line of realism more so than expressionist works – and that the play between realism and interpretation is tighter – that give it this sort of vibe? —does all of this make sense? lot of thought about painting going on over here.

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