7 a.m.


George Shaw paints scenes from Tile Hill in Coventry, England, where he grew up. Even of quiet subject matter, they are unsettling somehow. Perhaps it is in the silence of the places that make them so. (Where IS everyone?) His work appeals to me because they are both mundane and utterly intriguing at the same time. The words “nothing” and “something” came up often in this article about Shaw’s work, and I think that together the two represent an aspect of his work beautifully. For the artist, though, these images are loaded with memories or at the very least, pensive feelings about these places – which he investigates through the process of painting. Speaking of…the way he paints is stunning as you can see. Shaw says that he sees this ongoing series as “essentially one big painting.” This is a fitting perspective to apply to this artist’s body of work, a perspective I may adopt myself! via.

shaw1 The time machine
shaw2 Ash-Wednesday-7am-2004-5-001

shaw3 Scenes-from-the-Passion-L-006

shaw4 Scenes-from-the-Passion-L-003

shaw5 Scenes-from-the-Passion-L-004



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