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Swedish artist George Chamoun made these digital collages by overlapping images of classic icons with popular icons of today. By no means was this a quick process! He did not alter the images at all, so finding the right portraits with a compatible angle and expression required a lot of sifting.  I like the organic […]

I’ve had one of these paintings as my desktop background for months, so thought it’s about time I shared them here. These digital paintings are created by Field, a studio for digital art and graphic design in London, and are part of a series of 10,000 digital paintings. Most of their work is derivative of […]

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With this .gif image, Gareth Long makes the frustration with the creative process seem funny and honest. Coincidentally, my discovery of this image is the day after I’ve overcome one of those annoying periods of ‘not being able to decide what on earth to do.’ weeee. found on pietmondriaan in this entry. (in fact,may need […]

Found an artist with clever work and hilarious posts: Ryan Barone. Here are a couple examples: found this at and the following on Barone’s tumblr, which is fun to explore. UNTITLED ACTION (MISINTERPRETING BIGGIE), 2010 Put five carrots in your baby girl’s ear.