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scavenger hunt


Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser layers, rolls, and cuts paper to make these beautiful paper collages over her painted surfaces. It is evident that patterns in nature influence Genser, considering for example the beehive layout of the paper elements and the organic qualities of the compositions. I love the flow of the paper and color schemes within […]

I found Annie Vought on pinterest, and was compelled to share her work here. (and to you know, start blogging again.) Her work consists of black paper cut outs of hand-written letters. The finished work is about the size of a poster, rather than an actual letter. The words aren’t always legible, but there’s something […]



Lydia Shirreff made the following paper works. I love the consistent play of geometry in her works; the color palette works well with all of the corners and in other instances, layers of pieces of paper. Haus Vogel (the first image) is a collaborative project with Castro Smith in Berlin, 2009. The fourth image is […]

tax returns


Nava Lubelski rolled up tax returns, rejection letters, and other various paper waste products to create these cellular paper sculptures. I liked the following quote explaining the project more in depth: “The cellular coils spiral outward, mimicking biological growth, as they are glued together into flat rounds, which suggest lichen, doilies or disease.” via.

88 layers


One thing I love about cut paper as an art form is the amount of time and patience that is demanded. Adam Fowler reinforces my respect for this process in the following works. He draws with pencil onto paper, cuts away the negative space with an xacto knife, then the cut drawings are layered – […]

Read a great interview by Hi Fructose magazine with Lauren Clay and wanted to share her work here, namely her colorful paper sculptures. This series of sculptures was derived from large paintings that the artist wanted to see become part of the viewer’s physical space. Her process involves everything from wood armatures, papier-mâché, cut paper, […]

paper tickets


Mia Liu turns admission tickets into beautiful paper sculptures. There’s some inspiration for creativity. via.

Check out this paper project by illustration student Rachel Walsh. Made for an Interweb project, the work is a way to explain the Amazon Kindle to Charles Dickens. The mini-books convey actual book covers. Some of the books included were read by Dickens himself. I like the miniature quality of the books, as well as […]

Abigail Reynolds cuts and folds vintage bookplates to create her series of images, Universal Now. I enjoy the visual play of the geometric sections of color mixed with the 3-d elements of the folds.

Vanessa Alarie created this beautiful paper installation, Euphoria v2, for an exhibition in Montreal, Canada. I was immediately drawn to the way these intricate forms create a play of light, shadows, and positive v. negative space. Measures 183 x 488 x 366 cm.  via.