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Hubert Tereszkiewicz is a graphic designer from Poland. While most all of his work on his website is graphic design work, I loved these linocuts that I found on This is colossal…namely for his excessive use of line, go figure. But hey, talk about tedious! They were carved after all. Much respect. via.

Part of a small series of landscapes, Steve Newberry‘s silkscreens below are printed on plywood. Plastic wires, push pins, maps, and price tag labels are also incorporated into the work. I like the irony of producing an image of nature (more or less) using very man-made materials. via.

Ray Morimura is an excellent inspiration for woodcut and lino-cut prints.  I love how the various designs created by tedious lines and selective colors work together to create a coherent image.  To give an idea of scale; the images generally fit on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.   via.