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Check out these pen drawings by Moni Lewandowski. Her use of line is expressive while staying true to the rendition of the figures, whether they be animal or human. I love all of the designs in the backgrounds, hair, and clothing… via. images via.  



Kate MacDowell‘s ceramics are beautiful-yet-creepy in their ghost white color and mixture of nature with human anatomy or animal critters. In her statement, she explains man’s efforts to be one with the natural world ultimately lead to man’s vulnerability to their own destructive process. This point of view is presently suggested in these pieces. I […]

The following images are postcards from a collaborative project between Jamie Mills and Sandra Dieckmann. They depict ten of the world’s most endangered species with a variety of grey line and primary color designs. It’s a simple project that simultaneously reminds the viewer of these animals’ situation and yet brings aesthetic enjoyment. You caan see […]