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either way


I am loving these oil paintings by Michael Carson. I like the way the paint is washed-out looking in some areas, and thick and globby in others. He has a background in graphic design and loves fashion, both of which are evident in his work, from the stylish figures, bold divisions of colors, and variation of […]

mille fleurs


Victoria Selbach paints nude women, with a strong interest in the play of light and dark that falls onto the body. (This is perhaps most evident in the fourth image.) I love how deeply individual the women are portrayed.  Light sources are clear in each composition, and the fall of light onto the figures is […]



You know how I like HANDS in artwork, and here David Agenjo made a whole series of paintings studying hands. Expressive in color palette and application, he shows a disciplined control over value. Notice the highlighted areas bring the subject matter to life, despite how many colors are competing for attention. Enjoy the hands!  via.

flesh, sea


I’ve intended to blog about Monica Cook for a while now. Her oil paintings are imaginative, albeit a bit disturbing in content. I like how impeccably she paints a portrait, while at the same time adding invented elements to the scenes – sea creatures, sliminess, perishable food items. These slimy details embed questions within the […]

Check out these pen drawings by Moni Lewandowski. Her use of line is expressive while staying true to the rendition of the figures, whether they be animal or human. I love all of the designs in the backgrounds, hair, and clothing… via. images via.  

no surprises


I’ve been keeping myself busy this morning looking at David de las Heras‘s paintings. Really, check out his flickr for more images than I’m sharing here. His rendition of the human figure is well executed. I love the way their passivity in relation to the viewer (barring the last painting, of course), offers possibility of […]

man woman bird


Found someone who paints with acrylics! Winston Chmielinski is a New York based artist and writer. Depicting figures, he uses expressive brush strokes and a variety of heavily saturated colors over skin tones. The often blurred rendition of a figure seems to suggest the painting is not about merely representing a person. Even when the […]

men only


If you happen to find yourself in London before July 29, you should know that the Victoria Miro Gallery is showing an Alice Neel exhibition, Men Only. The exhibition consists of eleven painted portraits of men, including two of the artist’s sons. Alice Neel is an important figure in Twentieth Century art history, both as […]

This image is from a series by Andy Denzler. This website of ART+ART, a gallery in Moscow, provides a pretty good selection of other works from this series. Don’t mind the Russian…should be easy to spot the Denzler thumbnails. “A look reveals that Denzler like tearing a smooth painting surface that makes the contemplation of […]

Baptiste Debombourg made the following mural out of 35,000 staples. (The piece is titled “Air Force One” and is an image of Icarus.) I love how powerful an image was created with something as mundane and plentiful as staples. found at from this entry.