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BBC’s latest headlines included an article today about an Ivory Coast painter who was locked in his workshop during the recent ten-day battle in Abidjan. The artist, Aboudia, painted 30 large canvases while the battle was happening to document what he saw. I was moved by Aboudia’s compulsion to paint during the dangerous circumstances, as […]

Here is a guerrilla art project on a billboard in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Translation: there are no words. Had no idea a commercial avenue could be made so beautiful with text. Then again, the cut paper is a kind of absence of physical text at the same time. via.

i like it too,


Check out this video of a clever graffiti tool, just rollllll it on der: Looptaggr by Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl 2010 (wish I could post the video directly..,)