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Daphne Descends


Daphne Descends is the title of Alessia Iannetti‘s new body of work that will be on exhibit starting tomorrow at Rome’s Dorothy Circus Gallery. Mostly graphite, her mixed-media work is intricately detailed, with seldom splashes of color. Iannetti depicts solitary female figures among elements of nature. via.

fashion friday


Lovin these fashion illustrations by Brazil-based Camilla do Rosario, particularly how she mixes delicacy with dominant patterns and colors. Color and negative space are balanced so that a focal point (the model) is clear. Her meticulous use of line is also attractive (surprise surprise.) The hair of each figure is impressive, but I keep going […]

Now, here are some of my favorite illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann. Her work encompasses a variety of application, from magazine covers and drawings to T-shirts and patterns. Design seems to be a central focus, along with an obvious tendency toward animals. images via her website.

Brianna Harden is working on a series of illustrations inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. Here are some of the finished pieces. With a style unconcerned with strict realism, the saturated colors look great on the mostly white background. via.

sandwich pants


Raymond Lemstra‘s illustrations made me laugh. His broken lines and imaginative imagery is also impressive. “superfast cars,yeeeeah.” Enjoy! found at iGNANT.images via his website. -Fur -Full Moon -A Really Handsome Guy

Liisa Kruusmägi is a young Estonian artist who draws mostly color..more recently over photographic images. I like her use of line and incorporation of photographic media in the 2nd and 4th image. found here.



Here are some works by the Brazilian artist Joao Ruas. The first, Miles to Merricks, is an illustration based on the novel by Barnaby Ward. The others are from the series ‘Lined in Lead.’ I like both the imaginative quality of his work as well as the direct references to literature. found on his blog.