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George Shaw paints scenes from Tile Hill in Coventry, England, where he grew up. Even of quiet subject matter, they are unsettling somehow. Perhaps it is in the silence of the places that make them so. (Where IS everyone?) His work appeals to me because they are both mundane and utterly intriguing at the same […]

Seattle-based artist Mary Iverson deals with themes of globalization in relation to the environment. Using found images of natural landscapes as the backdrop for her work, she fills the picture plane with grid lines and images of shipping containers.

Part of a small series of landscapes, Steve Newberry‘s silkscreens below are printed on plywood. Plastic wires, push pins, maps, and price tag labels are also incorporated into the work. I like the irony of producing an image of nature (more or less) using very man-made materials. via.

Ray Morimura is an excellent inspiration for woodcut and lino-cut prints.  I love how the various designs created by tedious lines and selective colors work together to create a coherent image.  To give an idea of scale; the images generally fit on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.   via.

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Paintings by Barcelona-based artist, Christian Blanxer. I love the color plays going on in each piece, &also how the subject matter covers a broad range from series to series. Found example of Blanxer’s work here.