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Seattle-based artist Mary Iverson deals with themes of globalization in relation to the environment. Using found images of natural landscapes as the backdrop for her work, she fills the picture plane with grid lines and images of shipping containers.

I found Annie Vought on pinterest, and was compelled to share her work here. (and to you know, start blogging again.) Her work consists of black paper cut outs of hand-written letters. The finished work is about the size of a poster, rather than an actual letter. The words aren’t always legible, but there’s something […]



I absolutely love this installation by Brazilian artist, Tatiana Blass. Titled Penelope, referencing Homer’s Odyssey, the work consists of an insane amount of red yarn, a loom, and a red carpet. Penelope is the name of Homer’s wife. While Homer was away, she remained faithful by keeping herself occupied by working on a burial shroud […]

Check out these pen drawings by Moni Lewandowski. Her use of line is expressive while staying true to the rendition of the figures, whether they be animal or human. I love all of the designs in the backgrounds, hair, and clothing… via. images via.  

Hubert Tereszkiewicz is a graphic designer from Poland. While most all of his work on his website is graphic design work, I loved these linocuts that I found on This is colossal…namely for his excessive use of line, go figure. But hey, talk about tedious! They were carved after all. Much respect. via.

Russian illustrator Vaslij Godzh uses many thin black lines in his drawings…many, many lines. Easy to get lost in. Enjoy.

American artist and architect Lebbeus Woods made the following drawings. I was initially carried away by his extremely detailed use of line and multiple geometric forms, then I researched a bit of what they are about. This article discusses how the bottom images are part of his response to the Bosnian War of 1992-93. It […]

Ray Morimura is an excellent inspiration for woodcut and lino-cut prints.  I love how the various designs created by tedious lines and selective colors work together to create a coherent image.  To give an idea of scale; the images generally fit on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.   via.

Liisa Kruusmägi is a young Estonian artist who draws mostly color..more recently over photographic images. I like her use of line and incorporation of photographic media in the 2nd and 4th image. found here.

Reuben Negron has beautiful drawings and paintings of figures. I like how his depictions of people invite the viewer to consider their own human relationships. Also, the scenes of his paintings are detailed in such a way that allows for a narrative. The first two images are selections from his sketchbook, and the following are […]