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either way


I am loving these oil paintings by┬áMichael Carson. I like the way the paint is washed-out looking in some areas, and thick and globby in others. He has a background in graphic design and loves fashion, both of which are evident in his work, from the stylish figures, bold divisions of colors, and variation of […]

I know I just posted about Mary Iverson, but I came across this public art project she recently made & was compelled to share. After all that painting containers, Mary painted an actual container in Singapore, at the Goodman Arts Center. Shipping is an integral part of Singapore’s identity as a city. In fact, this […]

no surprises


I’ve been keeping myself busy this morning looking at David de las Heras‘s paintings. Really, check out his flickr for more images than I’m sharing here. His rendition of the human figure is well executed. I love the way their passivity in relation to the viewer (barring the last painting, of course), offers possibility of […]

Jennifer Cronin painted the following images. She depicts mundane activities with a somewhat ghostly twist..easy access for an imaginative train of thought. Hell, I get carried away with her painterly-realism and soft skin tone colors. In fact, the act of painting is often referenced outright. Have fun with ’em! via.

men only


If you happen to find yourself in London before July 29, you should know that the Victoria Miro Gallery is showing an Alice Neel exhibition, Men Only. The exhibition consists of eleven painted portraits of men, including two of the artist’s sons. Alice Neel is an important figure in Twentieth Century art history, both as […]

The title is the name of Michael Borreman’s recent show at Zeno X Gallery in Belgium, where I collected a few of the following images. They are paintings, seemingly delicate subject matter that quickly seems more eerie…but in an elegant way. Found out about Mr. Borreman from this blog.