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You know how I like HANDS in artwork, and here David Agenjo made a whole series of paintings studying hands. Expressive in color palette and application, he shows a disciplined control over value. Notice the highlighted areas bring the subject matter to life, despite how many colors are competing for attention. Enjoy the hands!  via.

Brianna Harden is working on a series of illustrations inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. Here are some of the finished pieces. With a style unconcerned with strict realism, the saturated colors look great on the mostly white background. via.

I love the way that Doug Dubois takes photographs that seem so real, so relate-able. They demand a similar kind of respect I feel for drawings or paintings of such painstakingly honest images, and for that, they serve as a great inspiration to me. Here are some examples of his work from google images and […]

First, here are two pieces I love for Zak Smith’s use of various patterns and heavy emphasis on line: Here is a link to see one of Zak Smith’s projects ‘One Hundred Girls & One Hundred Octopuses.’ 100 images together <–this also will guide you to his gallery, where I got the examples.