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You know how I like HANDS in artwork, and here David Agenjo made a whole series of paintings studying hands. Expressive in color palette and application, he shows a disciplined control over value. Notice the highlighted areas bring the subject matter to life, despite how many colors are competing for attention. Enjoy the hands!  via. […]

Brianna Harden is working on a series of illustrations inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. Here are some of the finished pieces. With a style unconcerned with strict realism, the saturated colors look great on the mostly white background. via.

I love the way that Doug Dubois takes photographs that seem so real, so relate-able. They demand a similar kind of respect I feel for drawings or paintings of such painstakingly honest images, and for that, they serve as a great inspiration to me. Here are some examples of his work from google images and […]

First, here are two pieces I love for Zak Smith’s use of various patterns and heavy emphasis on line: Here is a link to see one of Zak Smith’s projects ‘One Hundred Girls & One Hundred Octopuses.’ 100 images together <–this also will guide you to his gallery, where I got the examples.