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Read a great interview by Hi Fructose magazine with Lauren Clay and wanted to share her work here, namely her colorful paper sculptures. This series of sculptures was derived from large paintings that the artist wanted to see become part of the viewer’s physical space. Her process involves everything from wood armatures, papier-mâché, cut paper, […]

fft, ft, ftt


These images are from the installation ‘Approach it slowly from the left, Ftt, Ft, Ftt, Ftt, Ftt, Ffttt, ftt, …’, by British artist Ryan Gander at the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s a good example of using the entire available gallery space as part of the work. Even the white walls seem to intentionally […]

airport park


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport now includes an airport park – an amazing new addition that exemplifies public art that is both eco-friendly and engaging. Areas of the park exist indoors and outdoors, including pieces of nature in actuality and reproduction. Living trees accompany images of world-famous parks, while subtle projections of nature flicker throughout the park. […]