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This image is from a series by Andy Denzler. This website of ART+ART, a gallery in Moscow, provides a pretty good selection of other works from this series. Don’t mind the Russian…should be easy to spot the Denzler thumbnails. “A look reveals that Denzler like tearing a smooth painting surface that makes the contemplation of […]

tiny profiles


Little squares of color with precise folds = tiny profile shadows on the wall. Kumi Yamashita executed this concept beautifully. the 40 profiles are of 40 New Mexicans. I’ve been thinking a lot about the different ways to manipulate a shadow onto a wall, this project introduced the idea of subtle folds…if only I was […]

Baptiste Debombourg made the following mural out of 35,000 staples. (The piece is titled “Air Force One” and is an image of Icarus.) I love how powerful an image was created with something as mundane and plentiful as staples. found at from this entry. 

words of


art can be more intuitive than planned. FIRST STEP.thankyou.