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Lately I’ve been remembering random artworks from art history lectures, some that I didn’t know at the time would stick with me. Figured I may as well share some of these wanders down art history lane. SO, here is Vito Acconci’s Seedbed – a performance piece from January 15-29 of 1971 in which a wooden […]

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Maurizio Anzeri embroiders linear designs over old photographs with bright, colorful thread. He calls the finished products “photo sculptures” because the embroidery adds dimension to the flat photographs. His obvious tendency towards design in his embroidery certainly transforms the photographs into something different. This article seems to let on that his process is mostly intuitive: […]

Today I’m mentally engaging in the photographs of South Korean artist, Myoung Ho Lee. He separates a subject from its environment by isolating it on a blank white page in its natural setting, then photographs it. The result is an object simultaneously belonging to and standing apart from an environment. This essay by art critic […]

Broken Houses is the project of Ofra Lapid, an artist living and working in Tel-Aviv. He creates small scale models of run-down houses using photographs of an amateur North Dakota photographer that document the decaying process. The models are then photographed and edited to have a plain grey background. For an image of decay, they’re […]

Stephen Irwin was a Louisville, Kentucky artist who made beautiful works by altering vintage pornography. His process included rubbing away at the image with steel wool, making an originally direct, erotic image into something ‘far more ephemeral and imaginative’. These images are from the exhibit, Sometimes When We Touch, that was at the Invisible Exports […]

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art can be more intuitive than planned. FIRST STEP.thankyou.