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Here’s a street art sample from Prague to start the week. The ghostly absence of detail within the figure-outline caught my eye. Even though the original paper was clearly removed, something is beautiful about the empty space that stayed. What’s left is an intriguing instance of an artwork taking on a new form (perhaps meaning, […]

pretend payment


Here’s a wheat pasted poster I found wandering around London. Located on the end of a tunnel near a street lamp, the poster simply confronts the viewer with reservations about street art, which alludes to its right to exist. Nothing fancy, but I was happy to have come across it.

shifting gears,


While I was abroad these last few weeks (hence, the reason I have not been keeping up with this blog), I kept my eyes out for art in public spaces, documenting what I could. Budapest seemed to have the most active community of street artists, though I also discovered quite a bit in London and […]