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I’m digging the neon splashes of color coupled with the lightly drawn graphite lines in these works by artist Niki Pilkington. Simple lines, loud colors, stylish figures. ORANGE nail polish. They’re fun. via.

I found Annie Vought on pinterest, and was compelled to share her work here. (and to you know, start blogging again.) Her work consists of black paper cut outs of hand-written letters. The finished work is about the size of a poster, rather than an actual letter. The words aren’t always legible, but there’s something […]

Currently on display at the Tate Modern is Taryn Simon‘s exhibition, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII. Consisting solely of photographs and text descriptions, the exhibition documents 18 family generational histories – each with an intriguing family circumstance. For example, one chapter depicts the family of the body double for Saddam Hussein’s […]

Here is a guerrilla art project on a billboard in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Translation: there are no words. Had no idea a commercial avenue could be made so beautiful with text. Then again, the cut paper is a kind of absence of physical text at the same time. via.

Madrid Street Advertising Takeover is a collaborative project “intent on changing our expectations of public behavior in our shared environments.” The project consisted of installing signs with non-commercial text to promote public dialogue. Because the installations were textual, individuals of non-art backgrounds were invited to submit proposals for the signs. The second project with this […]

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Eli Horn‘s paintings include beautifully rendered figures with elements of surreal. In addition to the imaginative imagery, the titles encourage contemplation too. found at hi fructose.    

Amy Borrell has impressed me to bits with this project, a book handsewn compiled with photographs, documents, letters and other evidence of memories. I suggest clicking the above link for more examples, but here are a few images to communicate the basic idea.

Found an artist with clever work and hilarious posts: Ryan Barone. Here are a couple examples: found this at and the following on Barone’s tumblr, which is fun to explore. UNTITLED ACTION (MISINTERPRETING BIGGIE), 2010 Put five carrots in your baby girl’s ear.