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Kate MacDowell‘s ceramics are beautiful-yet-creepy in their ghost white color and mixture of nature with human anatomy or animal critters. In her statement, she explains man’s efforts to be one with the natural world ultimately lead to man’s vulnerability to their own destructive process. This point of view is presently suggested in these pieces. I […]



This 25.5m high sculpture in Lelystad, Holland was designed by Antony Gormly. His statement for Exposure tells us that he was interested in the way a still sculpture reacts to a moving world – namely, the rising sea level as a result of global warming is expected to gradually bury the sculpture. I suspect that […]

paper tickets


Mia Liu turns admission tickets into beautiful paper sculptures. There’s some inspiration for creativity. via.

Shane McAdams produced the following drawings using primarily ballpoint pens. Graphite, oil, and resin are used in select images. Synthetic Landscapes is a fitting title for this series; cheers to getting creative with artistic mediums while maintaining a reference to real-life imagery! info via.

I was researching Boris Kustodiev and came across the ceramic teapots of Noi Volkov, so Boris is on hold for now. Like Fischer in my last post based his work on significant pieces of art history, Volkov appeals to his artist predecessors for subjects of his work. Granted, these pieces are rather kitschy in so […]

Dan Fischer draws incredibly realistic renditions of photographs of prominent artists, sculptures, and art events from the last century. Look at them! His tremendous skill at realism coupled with the patience and concentration that went into the process demands attention from anyone. There is also something to be explored about his interpretation of a photograph […]

stacked water


Wanted to share this local site-specific installation by┬áTeresita Fern├índez at the Blanton Museum of Art here in Austin, TX. Titled Stacked Water, this work is located in the two-story Rapoport atrium, and designed to give the impression of under water. The Blanton’s site tells us: Utilizing the natural light afforded by the space’s many skylights, […]

fft, ft, ftt


These images are from the installation ‘Approach it slowly from the left, Ftt, Ft, Ftt, Ftt, Ftt, Ffttt, ftt, …’, by British artist Ryan Gander at the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s a good example of using the entire available gallery space as part of the work. Even the white walls seem to intentionally […]