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scavenger hunt


Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser layers, rolls, and cuts paper to make these beautiful paper collages over her painted surfaces. It is evident that patterns in nature influence Genser, considering for example the beehive layout of the paper elements and the organic qualities of the compositions. I love the flow of the paper and color schemes within […]



Kate MacDowell‘s ceramics are beautiful-yet-creepy in their ghost white color and mixture of nature with human anatomy or animal critters. In her statement, she explains man’s efforts to be one with the natural world ultimately lead to man’s vulnerability to their own destructive process. This point of view is presently suggested in these pieces. I […]

airport park


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport now includes an airport park – an amazing new addition that exemplifies public art that is both eco-friendly and engaging. Areas of the park exist indoors and outdoors, including pieces of nature in actuality and reproduction. Living trees accompany images of world-famous parks, while subtle projections of nature flicker throughout the park. […]