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Artist t-radya used bandages to draw the faces of fallen Russian WWII soldiers on wooden boards. Then he set them on fire. Titled Eternal Flame, the process of creating these portraits enriches the outcome of the work on both visual and theoretical levels. For instance, the resulting gray-scale is more apparent than the raised surface of […]

I’ve had one of these paintings as my desktop background for months, so thought it’s about time I shared them here. These digital paintings are created by Field, a studio for digital art and graphic design in London, and are part of a series of 10,000 digital paintings. Most of their work is derivative of […]

Polish artist Roman Opałka has been counting to infinity in his paintings since 1965. Literally. Starting in the top left corner of a canvas working horizontally to the bottom right, Opałka paints numbers in sequential order until the canvas is full. He picks up where he left off on the next canvas. Subtle variations have […]

American artist and architect Lebbeus Woods made the following drawings. I was initially carried away by his extremely detailed use of line and multiple geometric forms, then I researched a bit of what they are about. This article discusses how the bottom images are part of his response to the Bosnian War of 1992-93. It […]

around a frame


Berlin-based artist Monja Gentschow has compiled a pleasantly impulsive collection of sketches, photographs, watercolour, and notes. Here are a few examples. I am especially fond of the wall arrangement. via.