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Beijing-based artist Wang Zhiyuan created this piece with discarded plastic containers he collected from Beijing’s dump and around his city. The result: an 11-metre-high tornado of plastic, organized according to size and color.  via.  

Madrid Street Advertising Takeover is a collaborative project “intent on changing our expectations of public behavior in our shared environments.” The project consisted of installing signs with non-commercial text to promote public dialogue. Because the installations were textual, individuals of non-art backgrounds were invited to submit proposals for the signs. The second project with this […]

I just came across Vik Munis’s fairly recent project, Wasteland, and I had to share. A native to Brazil, Munis wanted to use his artistic practice to give more power to the people in his home country working in one of the largest open-air dumps in Latin America – Jardim Gramacho. So, he committed two […]